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Music that moves through your soul and holds you close.  Ebonylion captivates hearts and minds with a smooth sensual elegant sound.  "I hope to inspire people to look inside themselves and see that we all share the most precious gift to offer each other and that's love! My music explores all the ways in which love presents itself in life and that expression is endless." Ebonylion 

Break Free


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Ebonylion presents "Break Free"

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Weathering The Storm

"BREAK FREE | THE ALBUM I have come to learn that God speaks to us all in mysterious ways. Most of all, God speaks to us in ways that are unique to us. I used to think that I naturally had an inclination toward words and music. Often — and when I say often, I mean nearly every day — I wake up with some song repeating over and over in my mind. Usually it is a particular line or phrase from the song that repeats itself from the moment I open my eyes" Start reading this book for free: https://a.co/cNuD4gG” - Ebonylion


Previous events

Ebonylion's Virtual Single Release Party

Virtual Watch Party

Pull up a seat, sit back and relax at home or wherever the moment finds us together. Sunday May 24th @ 7:30pm I want to be where you are! Serenading my brand new single straight to you as it official drops all over the world! Spend the evening with me and watch a magical musical experience for the grown and sultry! Like, share and subscribe. Tune into sandboxradio.com May 21st at 9pm for the live interview! Learn how the song came to be with me LIVE!

Ebonylion Pre-Single Release Watch Party

Facebook Live

The time you have all been waiting for is finally here! Ebonylion's new single "Take My Hand" is about to hit the physical and virtual shelves May 24th 2020. This free virtual watch party is a sneak peek of what great soul music is about to serenade your ears.

Free Free Free

The Bliss Effects

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Live Music Performance & Panel: The Importance of Self-Care & Healthy Mindset General Admission and VIP

Pop Up Shop

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20 Jackson Street SE, Atlanta GA 30312

“Geniune Exchange”, giving back to our community, educating our people on self-care, natural products and allowing this human quality to be present organically. Featuring Music from Ebonylion and others! You'll have a chance to pick up a signed copy of "Weathering The Storm" Book by Ebonylion along with digital album downloads of Break Free.



When and where the choice is yours! Watch EbonyLion Live from your Computer, Tablet, or Phone Sunday April 8th at 5pm EST! The Top Supporter will receive a free Ebonylion T-Shirt and get a live shout out on air during the show! Get your ticket now!




Rising Waters


Watch a live stream performance on any device! Chat with me live and be a top supporter! Get a free autographed poster!