Her Story

Ebonylion's lyrical touch caresses your soul with heart felt stories that all who have loved and lost can relate to.  Picking up and getting on the road from Denver Colorado to Atlanta Georgia Ebonylion brings her much sought after sound to millions; where she will captivate audiences around the world.  
Seemingly new to the scene she's been writing and performing since the tender age of 11, performing first at a festival where she debuted her first of many original songs. Now she brings you more with her book Weathering The Storm available now on paperback and ebook.  She beautifully invites you to her lyrical world through trials and triumphs through her life and the writing of her debut album Break Free out now. What sets Ebonylion apart beginning with her name is that she is a true lioness in her own right.  She commands your attention in the most gentle caress of her voice, and before you even realize your completely entrenched in waves of emotion.  She gives you even more with her new television series Weathering The Storm titled after her poignant book and life story.  Watch Wednesdays 9pm Est or click to watch. Don't miss out on this young lady's remarkable talent.